Directions to GreenForge Building from Youngwood, south of Greensburg

Mile Instruction For
A 0.0 Follow US-119 north from Youngwood 5.0
B 5.0 Turn LEFT onto US-30 East (across from McDonald's) 0.1
C 5.1 Follow US-30 (Bypass) East 2.0
D 7.0 When you see Westmoreland Mall on right,
work your way to far LEFT lane.
E 7.4 Turn LEFT onto Donohoe Rd at traffic light
(at Wendy's, Dunkin Donuts)
F 7.5 Approaching shopping complex (Best Buy, Toys R Us),
bear RIGHT on Donohoe Road (toward WOW Outlets)
G 7.6 Continue on Dohohoe Road passing
Toys R Us, Goodwill, WOW Outlets, Dominion
H 8.1 Pass Donohoe Center at top of hill on RIGHT, then
turn RIGHT into GreenForge Building lot

Enter the single story section of building.
Last office on LEFT (Suite 110)