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Jeffrey Gerard
November 16, 2006

Monitoring Support Grant Update

Through a Growing Greener grant, WPCAMR will fund chemical analyses for passive treatment systems. My primary responsibility at WPCAMR is to establish use of our up-and-coming online database of chemical analyses for passive treatment systems among Pennsylvanian watershed groups. However, the contractor is still working on creating the system and predicts the bare necessities might be done at the end of this month. We are waiting until then to unveil the program.

"Abandoned Mine Posts" Newsletter

WPCAMR was inspired to resurrect its “Abandoned Mine Posts” weekly newsletter. I installed a free service WPCAMR can use to educate watershed groups and conservation districts about water sampling, stream ecology, and innovative AML-treatment technologies. I also devised a way to provide searchable archives of Abandoned Mine Posts. Having started in September, nearly 400 people now receive Abandoned Mine Posts. See amp.wpcamr.org

Other Projects & Accomplishments

  • wpcamr.org web site redesign
  • Review of 18 treatment systems (GG grant) expected to be completed this year
  • Huge repository of reference materials from this year's AMR conference is free online at 2006.treatminewater.com

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