WPCAMR Western Pennsylvania Coalition
for Abandoned Mine Reclamation

Winning Efforts

Other Achievements
SMCRA Reauthorization
WPCAMR was a player in the AML Campaign, key to passing monumental new legislation.
Abandoned Mine Posts
free stories and annoucements about abandoned mine reclamation.
open-source Internet repository for water sampling data.
Project Gob Pile
a practical tool for reclamation and reuse of waste coal sites.
Conservation Organization of the Year
Awarded by the Pa. Assoc. of Conservation Districts (1996)
Operation Scarlift Reports
WPCAMR scanned and hosts online Pennsylvania's "Operation Scarlift " reports, whose purpose was to remediate abandoned mine lands and water.

A Look at WPCAMR's Projects & Achievements

FACTS Grant Title IV Calculator
FACTSWPCAMR's Funding AMD Chemistry in Treatment Systems Grant provides chemical analyses to characterize passive AMD treatment systems. This eases the financial burden on grassroots organizations that have accepted the responsibility of maintaining the systems. WPCAMR has created an interactive, visual tool to help comprehend how federal SMCRA/Title IV funding might be applied toward Pennsylvania's abandoned mine problems over the next 15+ years.
Title IV Calculator

Remining Brochures AMR Clearinghouse
Useful information for grass roots watershed groups about the public-private partnerships of Remining and CFB Waste Coal Power Plants. WPCAMR maintains an online information clearinghouse for Penn. watershed associations, especially those associations dealing with abandoned mine reclamation (AMR).



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