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August 16, 2012 WPCAMR meeting has been cancelled.  Next meeting is November, 2012.



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Other materials

Presentations from "Finding Common Ground" Forum held on July 24, 2012 at the Cambria DMO.

1.  Magnitude of AMD Problem - Amy Wolfe

2.  Economic Analysis - Eric Cavazza

3.  Economics of Using AMD, Is it Feasible? - Bob Hedin

4.  Good Samaritan Protection for Abandoned Mine Cleanup - Amy Wolfe

5.  Challenges and Benefits - Gray and Trexler

6.  Magnitude of AMD Problem - Milavec


AMD use in Shale Gas Well Development

PA DEP Bureau of Watershed Management website with DEP Whitepaper on using AMD for Shale Gas Well Development and other related information

Article about using AMD for gas well development

PA Senate Bill #1346 addressing liability for using AMD


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