Funding AMD Chemistry
for Treatment Systems


FACTS Grant Application

This online form serves as your application to the FACTS Grant (Funding AMD Chemistry for Treatment Systems).

You cannot save an incomplete application to come back to it later, so review the entire form before completing it. All links on this page will open in a new window so that you won't lose your work.

Direct any questions about the application that are not addressed by the application's introduction to facts@wpcamr.org or (724) 832-3625, or use the online contact form.

Treatment System Information

Treatment system name:
Year constructed:  County: 
Receiving Waterway:
Watershed (if different):

 There is an access road to the system.
 Sampling points are accessible in most weather conditions, without dangerous slopes.

Explain if either of the above statements is "No":

Operation & Maintenance Plan

To receive funding for analyses, the passive treatment system must have an operation and maintenance (OM&R) plan that meets certain requirements. This OM&R plan is part of the FACTS application. Please upload the documents (including relevant diagrams) that compose this plan.

If the OM&R plan comprises more than two files, please compress them into a single ZIP archive and upload that file. Acceptable formats for upload are PDF, plain text, MS Word, MS Excel, JPEG, GIF, Zip. Maximum upload size per file is 2MB. If you cannot meet any of these criteria, please contact us so we can work with you.

Attachment 1:
Attachment 2: (optional)
  This is a provisional application. (Do submit the existing OM&R plan.)

Organization Responsible for System

Organization name:
City:  Phone number: 
Zip code:  E-mail: 
Web site URL:

  This organization already receives a FACTS grant for another system.

Person Completing this Form

Applicant name:
Phone number:

Submit Application

Note: We are experiencing difficulties with sending this application electronically.

Until we are able to resolve this problem, we ask you to print this page and mail it to:

Cliff Denholm, FACTS Manager
Stream Restoration, Inc.
3016 Unionville Road
Cranberry Twp, PA 16066


Once your application is complete, click Submit Application below. The submission may be slow while the files from your OM&R are uploaded from your computer, so please be patient and do not click the button more than once.

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