Funding AMD Chemistry
for Treatment Systems


Operation and Maintenance Plan Requirements

Application to the FACTS Program includes submission of the passive treatment system's operation and maintenance plan. The FACTS Program grant funding is finished.  We are no longer taking applications for the FACTS Program.

The requirements for the plan can be found here in PDF format.

NOTE: If the system already has an OM&R plan, but it does not meet the requirements, please read about Provisional Applications.

Get Adobe Reader These documents are in PDF format, which requires Adobe Reader to be installed on your computer (it's free).

Examples of OM&R Plans

Below are links to some existing O&M Plans for passive AMD treatment systems. Some are long and extremely detailed; others are shorter, containing only the "most important" information. None of the examples listed here completely meet WPCAMR's recommendations for all O&M Plans, but some (particularly Rock Run and Anna S) could easily be briefly ammended to do so.

Do be aware that most of these examples were prepared by professional consultants, and may in fact be overkill; we expect your OM&R plan to be a written record of what the current experts within your organization already know in their minds.
Generic Table of Contents for O&M Plans
A proposed layout for an example O&M plan.
Sample schematic of a system
One of the requirements for OM&R plans is at least one schematic of the site to accompany the plan's narrative descriptions. Note that this diagram is not meant to suggest sampling locations for you to copy in your own OM&R plan, but to merely show an example of what types of information a diagram should contain.
Rock Run OM&R Plan
See also accompanying OM&R Forms for use on field visits.
Anna S Mine Complex
Very good, detailed plan. Plan is missing: map, sampling regimen, receiving stream description, and system access information.
Sandy Run
Covers three systems. Has complete sampling regimen and information about maintenance. Missing background of system, stream, access, etc. No map.
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