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How to Apply for the FACTS Grant

Please Note: 

WPCAMR's Growing Greener Grant funding for the FACTS Program has ended.  If future funding can be secured, we will resume this grant program.

Application Materials

1. Requirements for OM&R plan
The largest part of the FACTS application is an operation and maintenance (OM&R) plan for the treatment system. The OM&R plan must meet certain requirements, available at this link. NOTE: If the treatment system already has a plan that does not quite meet the requirements, see "Provisional Applications" below.
2. Online application form
Armed with a satisfactory OM&R plan, the applicant should complete and submit the online application form. This form is where you upload the OM&R plan (assuming it is in a digital format). The application form also asks for basic information about the treatment system and contact information for yourself and the organization that maintains the system.

Direct any questions about the application process to facts@wpcamr.org or (724) 832-3625, or use the online contact form.

Provisional Applications

The following section applies only for treatment systems that already have an OM&R Plan, but which does not meet the FACTS Grants's requirements.

WPCAMR believes it is very important that all the requested information about a treatment system be recorded on paper, if not to actually guide ongoing operational and maintenance responsibilities, then to sustain knowledge as watershed groups and caretakers come and go.

Some of Pennsylvania's passive treatment systems have OM&R Plans already prepared, often at the time of construction, but they might not meet the minumum requirements of the FACTS grant. Rather than exclude such systems from a desperately needed service, the FACTS grant may fund such systems provisionally. However, provisional applications will only be accepted if the initial OM&R plan addresses most of the issues listed in the requirements; acceptance of provisional applications is entirely at the discretion of WPCAMR.

Provisional applications will provide FACTS services (i.e. laboratory water analyses) for a passive treatment system for no more than 6 months, allowing the organization responsible for the system to make necessary additions to the existing OM&R plan.

If the organization does not provide a revised OM&R plan that meets all the FACTS grant requirements at the end of this 6-month period, FACTS services to the treatment system will cease and that particular treatment system will be ineligible for the FACTS grant for another 6 months. Furthermore, the organization and person listed on the application form will be ineligible in perpetuity to have provisional applications considered.

Submit a provisional application online just as you would a normal application (including uploading the current OM&R plan); mark the field that asks if it is a provisional application.

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